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Best Facelift in Turkey: Recovery Timeline

facelift before and after Turkey

The first week of your facelıft: SLIGHT DISCOMFORT (Post-Op Days 1 -6) 

For the best facelift in Turkey, following facelift surgery, expect to wake up with a large wrapping around your head to minimize swelling and bruising, and small drains may be present for a brief period of time to draw off any type of fluid drainage. You will be quite groggy and unsteady, and for the first 24 hours following your surgery, it is important to have a caregiver with you. Don’t worry if you are traveling alone. For the best facelift in Turkey, a night nurse will be provided by Klinik Europe for your post-op comfort. Please contact us on WhatsApp for your specific requirements. For more information visit our facelift page.

The first day following your surgery is the day when you may need pain medication. This will be provided by Klinik Europe and the meds regimen will be monitored by our nurse. Usually, on the second or third day following your surgery, we will take you to a follow-up visit with your surgeon who will check your incisions and evaluate your swelling. Your surgical dressings will also be changed and drains removed. While you should take it easy during the first seven days of recovery, in general, you will feel good enough to get up and move around your house in one to two days post-surgery. 

Any swelling and/or bruising will peak three to four days following your surgery. It is recommended that you sleep on two pillows for the first two weeks following your surgery to help alleviate the swelling. Do not underestimate the importance of keeping your head elevated. As previously mentioned, your medical provider will prescribe pain medication to help manage any discomfort you may feel after your facelift. Taken as prescribed, you can control any pain and soreness you may feel. 

Usually, by day 4, pain medication is no longer needed, and swelling should start to go down. At this time, it is important to get your body and circulation moving (such as doing light housework), as it will help your recovery process. Additionally, it is important to follow the incision-care instructions given to you by your provider to ensure a successful recovery. Note, it is not uncommon to see more swelling on one side of your face than the other.

The second week of your facelıft: GETTING BETTER (Post-Op Days 7-20)

During the second-week post-surgery, you will likely still have swelling and bruising around the affected areas. Some patients report strange sensations, such as tingling, numbness, or tightness. These sensations are common occurrences following a facelift and are not cause for concern. Although swelling and bruising will begin to fade, you can expect it to take another week or two for the bruising and swelling to completely dissipate. By the end of the second week, most people feel like themselves and are ready to return to work, although you should still avoid heavy and/or strenuous physical activity for the best facelift in Turkey.

the third week of your facelıft: RESULTS APPEAR (Post-Op Days 20-40)

Between days 20 and 40, you may still have some residual swelling (this is normal and will dissipate), but for the most part, it is at this point patients often begin to see real improvement in their faces.

You will look and feel much better three weeks after your facelift. However, you should still avoid strenuous exercise or risk injury. As your incisions heal, the incision sites may appear slightly pink, but this will fade with time. During this time, it is important to stay out of direct sunlight and wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Apply makeup to hide the incisions or simply let your hair cover them. Make sure you start to use silicone tapes for the incision treatment to get the best facelift in Turkey.

COMPLIMENTS (Day 40 & Beyond Post-Op)

After 40 days post-operative, it will be hard for anyone to tell you have had any cosmetic surgery and you should be back to normal activities with your new look. Note, it can take up to one year for very minor swelling, tightness, and numbness to subside, but those will only be noticeable to you. Remember, the final outcome of your facelift will become evident over the next 12 months. Typically, it takes this amount of time for your facelift to fully heal and for you to see the subtle shifts as your facelift rejuvenates your appearance. Bear in mind, people who do their research to get the best facelift in Turkey, take the necessary precautions, and follow Klinik Europe’s instructions have the easiest outcomes and best results. Additionally, keep in mind, the above timeframes are general timeframes, everyone will have a unique-to-them experience.



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