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Tummy Tuck Complications

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Identifying tummy tuck complications

Tummy tuck complications can occur during plastic surgery as we all know. In this post, we will talk about what Klinik Europe does to prevent and minimize tummy tuck complications during and after the surgery. This is very important for our patient’s safety so we wanted to make a separate post about tummy tuck complications to inform you in the best possible way.

Nerve damage or numbness AS TUMMY TUCK COMPLICATIONS

Nerve cells in our bodies are protected by the skin, fat, and muscle tissue and when working on the muscular level, nerves may be prone to damage. In some cases, nerves may be damaged or severed during any surgical procedure.
Current methods of identifying nerve tissue during surgery rely on the surgeon’s naked eye and dissection skills. This is where our experienced surgeons come in handy. Our doctors have surgical experience of over 15 years and this means they have over 1500+ cases of tummy tucks if not more. They know how far to go as they know where and when to stop. They also have developed amazing identification skills after working on different body types all around the world for years. Pooled data by PubMed shows that 1.02% of patients sustained the injury after abdominoplasty. The nerves directly injured were the nerve of the thigh which can be caused by pressure on the nerve due to surgery. Stitching, fluid accumulation, cauterization, etc can create pressure on the nerve. Although this can be temporary, permanent nerve damage can be treated by injections. You can’t do anything to prevent this but choose your provider wisely.
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A successful tummy tuck result
A successful tummy tuck result supported by liposuction.


All surgeries carry a risk of infection. This is where the hospital makes a difference. Sanitization procedures differ by the hospital. Individual hospitals and corporate group hospitals lay on opposite ends of the spectrum. The bigger the corporate structure, the stricter the hospital rules. Klinik Europe only works with accredited hospitals which are a part of the Mediterranean Health Foundation and surgery infection rates are close to zero. After the surgery, proper wound care and frequent hand washing can minimize or prevent an infection. Our Post-op guidelines tell you more about how to prevent infections in detail.

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