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Enhance breast volume and shape with lift and/or implants
Breathe Confidently, Look Beautifully: Rhinoplasty for Harmonious Features
Go back to your daily life only after 1-2 weeks


Cases Are Successfully Managed
Of Our Patients Are Satisfied With Our Work And Overall Service
We Have The Lowest Revision Rate Amongst Turkish Clinics



Be confident! Get the best possible care and guidance from board-certified surgeons and expert staff.


Relax! Our worry-free, all-inclusive plan means zero extra costs or hidden fees


Enjoy! Our extended guidance during your recovery doesn’t stop even when you return home.


Klinik Europe® has got all your worries covered with comprehensive Worry-Free Packages

  • Operating theatre in a top-level hospital
  • Blood, EKG, and organ function tests and all other pre-requisite tests required for anesthesia clearance Custom-tailored anesthesia
  • Pain management and all custom medications and
  • Two-night hospital stay with private Klinik Europe nurses attending (around-the-clock monitoring as a part of amazing aftercare)
  • 1 Covid test for the surgery
  • Best of best doctors who are competent at what they do and have a minimum of 15 years of surgical experience
  • Globally accepted quality of surgical prosthesis and surgery equipment
  • Around-the-clock monitoring as a part of amazing aftercare)
  • Private room at the hospital for you and your companion only
  • Friendly nurses who anticipate the needs of foreign patients  
  • Six-night stay at the recovery hotel with doctor visits and 24/7 available nurses
  • 24/7 medical attention
  • Special medical compression garments. You don’t need to buy it separately for the surgery, it is included in the package custom to your size and swelling potential
  • All transfers in Turkey. You don’t bother and travel in our comfortable vehicles, and our team rides with you to hotel-hospital- surgery- control appointments, etc.
  • ALL meals, specially designed to aid your personal post-op recovery. We arrange all your meals based on their dietary preferences, and this is included in the price. They don’t need to order in and pay extra!
  • Post-op recovery documents & kit (guidance docs, spare gauze, iodine, pack of antibiotics for precaution, anti scar tapes they don’t have to buy anything extra for a successful recovery)
  • Call center priority when you get back home for any questions ( we monitor our patients daily, weekly and monthly to see if there is anything wrong, any signs of something might go wrong, etc) 
  • ALL meals are included in the price. They don’t need to order in and pay extra or wait for food to arrive!
  • Lymphatic massage is included in your package, so you don’t need to pay out of pocket.
  • Pain medications and incision care is included. You don’t need to pay for your medications, especially when you don’t know the local prices.
  • Emergency conditions are covered by KlinikEurope. This means blood supplies, special medications, ICU stays, and revision surgeries.
  • What you pay is the final price. There are no surprise fees taking advantage of your situation!


Speak with one of our certified agents about your mommy makeover procedure. This is a chance for us to get to know you and your goals for surgery.


Whether you’re looking for a significant change or a subtle improvement, we will create a perfect plan.


We’ll set a date for your surgery. Once you’ve made a deposit, we’ll send all the information you need to prepare for your trip.

Rhinoplasty: Transforming Your Nose

Introduction to Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping the nose to enhance its appearance and functionality. At Klinik Europe, our skilled surgeons specialize in this intricate procedure, understanding the significance of the nose in facial aesthetics. Rhinoplasty can address various concerns, such as:

  • Altering the nose size
  • Reshaping the tip or bridge
  • Correcting asymmetry
  • Improving breathing difficulties

This surgery is personalized to meet the unique goals and facial harmony of each patient, delivering natural and pleasing results.


Cost of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

In Turkey, the cost of rhinoplasty at Klinik Europe starts from approximately £2500. This price encompasses the surgical procedure, pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, and follow-ups. However, the actual cost may vary based on the complexity of the surgery, specific patient goals, and any additional procedures required. Whether it’s a primary rhinoplasty or a revision procedure, our focus remains on delivering exceptional results and providing patients with the opportunity to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their nose at an affordable cost.

Rhinoplasty techniques

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision made across the columella (the strip of tissue between the nostrils), providing direct access for surgeons to reshape the nose. This technique allows for more extensive modifications and intricate adjustments, especially in complex cases requiring precise alterations. Conversely, closed rhinoplasty involves incisions made inside the nostrils, providing limited visibility but resulting in no external scarring. This approach is suitable for less complex procedures and offers a faster recovery period. At Klinik Europe, our surgeons are adept in both techniques, employing the most suitable method tailored to each patient’s unique nasal structure and desired outcomes, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

The Patient Journey: From Consultation to Recovery

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Before the operation, thorough preparation is crucial for a successful outcome. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your goals and expectations with our surgeons.
  2. Medical Evaluation: Comprehensive health assessment, including medical history and necessary tests.
  3. Simulation and Planning: Using advanced tools like Photoshop and simulations to visualize potential outcomes.
  4. Preparation Guidelines: Instructions on stopping certain medications and supplements, and general pre-surgery care.

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty can be performed using two main techniques, tailored to your specific needs:

  1. Open Rhinoplasty:

    • Incision made across the columella (the strip of tissue between the nostrils).
    • Provides direct access for extensive modifications.
    • Ideal for complex cases requiring precise alterations.
  2. Closed Rhinoplasty:

    • Incisions made inside the nostrils, resulting in no external scarring.
    • Suitable for less complex procedures.
    • Offers a faster recovery period.

At Klinik Europe, our surgeons are adept in both techniques, employing the most suitable method tailored to each patient’s unique nasal structure and desired outcomes, ensuring optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Post-Surgery Care

Proper post-operative care is essential for a smooth recovery and optimal results. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Immediate Post-Op:

    • Stay overnight in the hospital for monitoring.
    • Minimal pain managed with prescribed medications.
    • Edema and bruising are normal and will subside within a few days.
  2. First Week:

    • Limited activity and rest.
    • Cold compresses to reduce swelling.
    • Avoid blowing your nose and strenuous activities.
  3. Follow-Up:

    • Removal of splints and dressings.
    • Regular check-ups to monitor healing.
  4. Long-Term Care:

    • Continued avoidance of activities that could impact the nose.
    • Adherence to your surgeon’s guidelines for best results.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Refined Corrections for Lasting Satisfaction

Revision rhinoplasty involves correcting and refining the outcomes of a previous nose surgery. At Klinik Europe, our expert surgeons possess refined skills in addressing complex cases and understanding the challenges associated with secondary nose surgeries. Whether correcting functional issues or enhancing aesthetic results, revision rhinoplasty demands a high level of expertise and precision. Our team meticulously plans each procedure, ensuring patients achieve the desired improvements while also addressing any concerns from prior surgeries, ultimately aiming for patient satisfaction and confidence.

Types of Rhinoplasty: Meeting Diverse Needs

Primary Rhinoplasty

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: Focuses on enhancing the appearance of the nose.
  • Functional Rhinoplasty: Aims to improve nasal breathing issues.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

  • Tailored Approaches: Understanding the unique nasal characteristics and aesthetic goals of different ethnicities.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Providing results that enhance natural features while respecting cultural identities.

Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty

  • Male Rhinoplasty: Straighter nasal ridge, less upturned tip, maintaining a masculine appearance.
  • Female Rhinoplasty: Slightly curved ridge, more upturned tip, achieving a feminine look.

Choosing the Right Surgeon: Why Klinik Europe?

Selecting a skilled and experienced surgeon is crucial for a successful rhinoplasty. Here’s why Klinik Europe stands out:

  1. Expert Surgeons: Our team comprises board-certified surgeons with extensive experience and high patient satisfaction rates.
  2. Patient Testimonials: Numerous positive reviews and before-and-after photos showcasing our successful outcomes.
  3. Advanced Technology: Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for precise and effective procedures.
  4. Personalized Care: Tailoring each surgery to the patient’s unique needs and goals.

Rhinoplasty Costs: Affordable Excellence

In Turkey, the cost of rhinoplasty at Klinik Europe starts from approximately £2500. This price encompasses:

  • Surgical procedure
  • Pre-operative consultations
  • Post-operative care
  • Follow-ups

However, the actual cost may vary based on the complexity of the surgery, specific patient goals, and any additional procedures required. By choosing Klinik Europe, patients benefit from exceptional results and the opportunity to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of their nose at an affordable cost.

Rhinoplasty Costs Comparison by Country

Here’s a detailed comparison of rhinoplasty costs in different countries, based on recent research.

Country Average Cost (USD) Notes
$2,500 - $3,500
Includes surgeon fees, anesthesia, hospital stay, and often accommodation and transfers.
$5,000 - $15,000
Costs vary widely; higher costs in urban centers and prestigious clinics.
$6,000 - $9,500
Prices in private clinics; NHS rarely covers unless for medical reasons.
$4,500 - $6,500
High-quality care with moderate pricing compared to the US and UK.
$10,000 - $16,500
High costs similar to the USA; high standards of care.

Turkey Top Surgeons

Dr Ertugrul Gonul chief surgeon

Dr. Ertugrul, our esteemed Chief of Surgeons, embodies expertise and precision in the field of body-reshaping procedures. His dedication to delivering outstanding results and prioritizing patient safety is evident in every procedure he undertakes.

Dr. Bahadir Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Breast & Post-Bariatric Body Lift

OpDr. Bahadır can give you the safest and most fantastic results that can be achieved, given your condition.

He is a respected member of the Turkish Plastic Surgeons Association and the Antalya Plastic Surgeons Community. Having more than 15 years of surgical experience with many patients around the world, he knows how to approach, analyze and execute complex cases.


The initial recovery period is about 1-2 weeks, with complete healing taking up to a year.

As with any surgery, rhinoplasty carries risks such as bleeding, infection, and dissatisfaction with the results. Choosing an experienced surgeon minimizes these risks.

Yes, functional rhinoplasty can address structural issues to improve nasal breathing.

rhinoplasty Before and After
IMG 2165
After Rhinoplasty Turkey
Lesley Jackman
Lesley Jackman
29 May 2024
After doing an indepth research, researching for a clinic abroad for my cosmetic surgery, I settled on Klinik Europe. My experience was excellent from beginning to end. When I appled for information, of my surgery I had to send photos of what I wanted and I was given a thorough description of what they could realistically do for me. It was transparent and clear throughout. They also have a WhatsApp group for clients, previous and new to discuss various current topics which arise. Mel and Clara (admin) were very helpful and honest during the weeks leading up to my surgery. You can take a companion with you for free within the guidelines and framework of the package, which I did. We were met at the Airport and taken to the lovely Falcon Hotel which is all inclusive. Staff were lovely and very helpful. The next morning we were taken to the Hospital. Everything was done very professionally. I met my surgeon Dr Celik and went through everything with him. The Nurses were excellent. The operation, Tummy tuck and Liposuction went really well and I was delighted with the results. After two days in hospital, I was transferred back to the Hotel. For the 1st few days, if you don't feel up to going to the Dining room, you can have your meals in your room. The food is delicious. My operation was also very affordable compared to the UK. The nurse, Ozgun, who was excellent, accompanied you to and from the Hospital and came to the Hotel daily to renew your dressings. I can't fault them in any way. I wish I'd done this a few years before.
kath dray
kath dray
24 May 2024
Absolutely cannot fault this company, right from initial getting the surgery. I felt in good hands. Everyone goes above and beyond. I'm currently 11 days post op....and already planning phase 2
10 May 2024
I had a thigh lift, mons lift and FDL tummy tuck with Klinik last year in July. I can’t fault them at all, the care from the very start with my initial contact with my co ordinator Mel, to the collection at the airport to the aftercare was all spot on. I spent 2 days in hospital and on the 1st day Klinik paid for a night nurse to stay in the room with me to help with anything I needed. Once back at the hotel I had the most beautiful nurse Özgün come and visit me everyday for dressing changes. I had a coordinator over there that was at both the hospital and the hotel checking in all day every day and is there to assist with anything you need. For example a trip to the pharmacy, some food ordering, reading and translating paper work etc. The pre op tests before surgery were very thorough, I had blood tests, ECG and met the anaesthetist face to face, had a consultation with my surgeon to make sure we were both on the same page and what my expectations were and discussed if they were realistic. I was made to feel very comfortable, welcome and reassured throughout. After surgery before I flew home I went back to the hospital to see my surgeon for a last check up and to make sure it was safe for me to fly home. The hotel which was The falcon Hotel was beautiful, it was all inclusive and had everything you’d expect from a normal hotel you’d book for a holiday! My companion (that came free of charge) made good use of the pool and all inclusive cocktails. The food was also delicious, there were bbqs in the evening cooking fresh meat and fish as well as the normal buffet inside. There was plenty of choice for everyone throughout the day and it was different every night. I will be nearly a year post op this summer and I’m already planning my return for the next part of my plastic surgery, breast lift, implants and an arm lift. Would highly recommend Klinik.
Hannah Silvester
Hannah Silvester
30 April 2024
I have just returned from my 2nd operation with Klinik! The 1st was 1 year ago for a RNY bypass - Performed by Dr Ertugrul Gönül. I lost in excess of 100% of my excess body weight within 10.5 months of my operation (over 10 stone lost) it has been nothing but a complete success. I then booked for my 1st round of skin removal - a FDL 360 TT, Mons Lift and Breast lift which I had 11 days ago. To say that I am over the moon with my results is a massive understatement. My first operation gave me the tool I needed to finally lose the excess weight that I had been carrying around for the last 20+ years, allowing me to look forward to a much healthier and longer life. My most recent operation - performed by Dr Bahadīr Çelik - has removed the excess skin from my weight loss and allowed me to finally see that all my hard work has paid off. He is an artist at what he does - considering what was presented to him - he has worked miracles and I am over the moon! When it comes to the Klinik - it is a well oiled machine. From the beginning communications with Mel for quotes, discussions, bookings, tweaking our stay, dates we were travelling etc to Ece answering questions we've had along the way everyone has been wonderful. My additional needs - which add an additional dimension to my travels and ability to cope - have been taken into account too and I was reassured every step of the way. Every one is a star, but one that shines the brightest and had the biggest impact on my experience has to be Nurse Özgün who looked after me at the recovery hotel after both of my operations - but also as host on my most recent visit ❤️ she is an absolute angel, always greeting me with a smile on her face, she is the gentlest person! I had some stomach issues (common side affects related to my bypass) and she went over and above - messaging me, checking on me, getting me additional medication and making me feel so supported and safe. She really is an absolute asset to Klinik! The recovery hotel is exemplary, spotlessly clean, food wonderful, staff can not do enough to ensure you have a wonderful stay. Even the gentleman who was our driver for all transfers was kind, helpful and a lovely person to be around. It has been a 2nd wonderful experience - so much so I have just booked my 3rd and final skin removal operation for next year. Thank you Klinik - keep doing what you are doing and you can not go wrong. Love to you all x
Jack Tuckey
Jack Tuckey
9 April 2024
had surgery in 2022 my surgeon dr bahadir celik was so lovely had a mommy makeover the whole experience was brilliant well looked after .. I'm now here again to see him again i trust him completely the staff are lovely my whole experience is 10 out of 10 even down to mel who talks and sorts everything out for u on whatapp lovely people..
Jeni Mizzdep
Jeni Mizzdep
16 January 2024
Absolutely wonderful experience with Klinik. I suffer from depression and anxiety and was really scared as I’d seen horror stories but I was put at ease from first contact. All questions where answered quickly with lots of additional information, there is even a WhatsApp group so you can ask past and present patients questions and nothing is deleted and they give honest answers. I love that group for it’s honesty. I had a FLD tummy tuck and breast reduction and uplift, the hospital was amazing, the staff was amazing the surgeon explained everything that was going to happen. The hotel and its location was the best I’ve been to. The daily nurse and the hostess are some of the nicest and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met and answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I’m hoping to go back to get more work done and can’t wait. Thank you Klinik Europe.
Sam Everitt
Sam Everitt
16 January 2024
I can’t recommend Klinik Europe highly enough, I’ve had a breast uplift and 360 TummyTuck with no problems and fantastic results. Everything from my first initial enquiry to my recovery at the hotel was smooth and efficient. The hotel used for post surgery recovery is beautiful and the staff are so helpful, the food is very good and situated perfectly for good views and sunsets. The aftercare element was very important to me and I love that any questions I have are answered in a timely manner even when I’m back in the UK. The host Hazel is just lovely and will sort out anything you need and Özgün the nurse will take care of all your medical needs at the hotel and is so caring and friendly, you almost don’t want to go home they look after you so well. I loved my results so much with Dr Celik that I’m going back for more surgery later in the year.
Lisa Berghammer
Lisa Berghammer
16 December 2023
Very friendly staff and a great clinic. I have never felt so comfortable in a clinic.
Abigail Davies
Abigail Davies
12 December 2023
I have had a brilliant experience with Klinik Europe. If I could give 10 out of 5 then I would! I had a 360 FDL Tummy tuck and breast uplift with implants. My initial contact was April 2023. I’d already lost a significant amount of weight and the loose skin was starting. Mel (the booking person) was so informative and did everything she could to help me. I booked a month later and put my deposit down. On December 4th I flew out to Antalya. I’d had contact with the host (Hazel) to know what to expect when I landed. I was very nervous because of the language barrier but I needed have been. We went straight to the hospital and had lots of tests done and then I was transferred to the hotel for my first night. Picked up the following morning and admitted into hospital to have my surgery. I had 360 FDL tummy tuck with breast uplift and implant. The surgeon was amazing, his team were fantastic and the nurses on the ward so accommodating, even with the language barrier. I never felt like a problem, in fact, I’d never felt so well looked after in my entire life! Two nights stay in hospital was followed by 4 more nights at the hotel where a nurse (Ozgun) came and changed my dressings daily and checked in with me. The hotel was great and the room service a godsend at times! This company has been nothing but brilliant from start to finish. In fact, while I was waiting for my flight home, I got a quote to come back next year to finish off my excess skin removal! After all, 12 stone loss does leave lots behind. I honestly cannot thank Klinik and all of the staff (within the company and hospital) enough. Best medical experience of my life. Thank you so much, and can’t wait to come back next year!
Rebecca Vere
Rebecca Vere
29 November 2023
I've been investigating having a couple of procedures. I must stress, I haven't booked anything, and so this review covers initial contact I've had with Klinik Europe. Well, I can't rate my contact here - Mel - highly enough. Mel requested photos of my areas of concern, and consulted the surgeons, despite knowing that I was not a definite customer. She then came back to me and confirmed which procedures would be suitable, and discussed them, explaining the process and recovery times in detail. Because I haven't the money now, Mel very kindly looked into how much it might cost in one year's time, and how much a flight/hotel/surgery package would cost then, which covers a week in Turkey. This price was clearly broken down into all its many components parts, and although currently unaffordable to me, it contained so much for that price that I thought it was extremely good value - what you might pay for 2 people staying in a good quality resort for two weeks. By the way, this price included the hotel costs for a companion staying with me too, so they could actually have a week's holiday! Mel was not heavily pushing a sale, and understood I was making an enquiry and would likely have to save for a very long time. But because of her very helpful, kind, understanding and informative approach - and the excellent reviews of Klinik Europe on YouTube- I would definitely use Klinik Europe, should I be able to book. I hope this review encourages people to make contact with this safe, highly rated Turkish clinic, if they are considering cosmetic surgery.


Excellent service from beginning to end for multiple face surgeries… The whole team, including the hotel staff, was so friendly and accommodating.. it’s a big gamble going to Turkey for cosmetic surgery as you literally have to put your life in their hands.. I chose this company as they supported my sister and me from the very beginning of our journey to the very last day when we left Antalya 24/7 Absolutely amazing… 100 percent genuine review.

Donna Chambers

Donna Chambers

Wow, what an amazing experience I had with Klinik and the whole team. I flew out on the 13th Feb 2020 and returned 22nd Feb after having a mid-facelift neck lift and my upper bleps done. Also fat transfer to my face. The whole team was there 24/7 before and after surgery. Room service came to us with our breakfast, lunch dinner bringing us food that suited our needs. Two special young ladies picked us up from the airport and stayed close the whole time, and I cried when my sister and I left them at the airport to fly back. My doctor was a caring surgeon who only did what he thought you needed.

Angela Bulman

Angela Bulman

The care that I have received since being in Antalya was absolutely phenomenal, and I cannot recommend any more highly Klinik Europe. I have numerous phone numbers that I can get in touch with any of the team 24 hours, 7 days a week. Nothing was too much trouble for these ladies and the surgeon was absolutely phenomenal. You can really put your trust in him. I have previously been to Antalya in March through another company for some different work but nothing compares to Klinik Europe. They’re absolutely fantastic. If you are sitting on a fence or you are worried about anything please don’t wait.

Stephanie Hopper

Stephanie Hopper

I came to Antalya to get my arms done and my granddaughter had her ears pinned back. The surgeon was brilliant, and I am very happy with what I see. I was so happy with the people that were looking after me. The aftercare was amazing, very kind, and friendly. The hotel was beautiful, and I had an amazing time although I had surgery. Please come here if you are thinking of having any cosmetic procedure. This is the place.

Maureen Denton

Maureen Denton

I went with Klinik Europe based on the reviews I’ve read online, and they did not disappoint. I am beyond satisfied with my experience with Klinik. My surgeon and the team are amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and were great during my procedure. I had my breast lift and reduction a couple of months ago, and I love my results. I definitely recommend Klinik and the surgeon for breast procedures. There was literally zero pain after the procedure and from the post-op day one, my breasts look amazing!

Abby Lloyd

Abby Lloyd

I got referred by my sister, Toke. My experience has been great. From the airport pickup to transportation to the hotel and the hospital, the surgery and post-op were seamless. I didn’t feel lonely or without help. My host, Tugba was super friendly and helpful. I would recommend Klinik Europe to anyone. The package was well worth it.

Teniola Ayankoya

Teniola Ayankoya

I’m 38 years old and last year I came to Turkey from Sweden with the intention of a tummy tuck. However, with the guidance of my doctor, we decided to include liposuction to the thighs and back in my package. I’m very happy with the results already. I am also planning to have almond eye and eyebrow lift surgery at Klinik Europe in the coming months. P.S.: Yes, once you start it’s hard to stop. 🙂

Anette Filipp

Anette Filipp

After having twin pregnancies, I suffered with some loose skin which I couldn’t do anything about. I contacted Klinik Europe and everything was just so easy. I absolutely love the results so far. I had no trouble whatsoever. Everything is going so well and I highly recommend Klinik to anyone. If you are thinking about having a surgery abroad Klinik Europe is the place.

Roxy Szklarska

Roxy Szklarska

After having three beautiful children and breastfeeding them for 7 years, the body I was left with became very unfamiliar to me. I never got used to how I looked in a dress or a two-piece suit and it took 13 years to decide and do something about this alien feeling I had towards my own body. I was booked for a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, and augmentation with Klinik Europe. I was quite surprised and amazed by the Klinik Europe team’s dedication and quality of work. I celebrated my post-op anniversary recently and I am living the best time of my life! I refreshed my wardrobe and fitting in clothes the way I like feels a-ma-zing! This is the place if you ladies want to get some cosmetic work done. No stress at all! All is safe, easy, and convenient.

Francesca Cortesi

Francesca Cortesi

I have an 18-year-old daughter, which means my journey started 18 years ago when I tore my tummy muscles during my pregnancy. I waited 18 years for her to be a grown-up and do something about my body. I looked over 10 different agencies and surgeons, and I felt most connected with Jennifer from Klinik Europe. The surgeon was fantastic with the most beautiful stitching and the care that I’ve received from Klinik ladies has been immense. I felt so cared for, so looked after. I knew for a fact that my healing and my recovery have been so much faster because of the aftercare that I received. So, 10/10 to the Klinik, to the aftercare, and to the surgeon as well.

Louise H.

Louise H.

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