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NOSKAR is effective in treating skin scars. It is a gel structure product containing ingredients such as onion extract (Allium cepa), Heparin and Allantoin. It is presented in the form of one 100g aluminum tube in each box. It is used in the treatment of scar tissues of various changes in the skin:  Scars of various structures (scar tissues),  Surgery, cutting of shaped organs such as arms or legs (amputation), wounds that restrict movement and cause visual discomfort after burns and accidents, fractures ( scars), 2 / 5  Dupuytren’s contracture, which is a disorder that causes the fingers to contract into the fingers and cause stiffness of movement,  Conditions that cause shortness of muscle tendons or shortness of the muscles as a result of trauma (traumatic tendon contracture), Pit shaped scar (like an acne scar).

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