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Mummy Make Over With Klinik Europe

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For your mummy makeover surgery with Klinik Europe, you will be checking into your hospital room. Here your blood tests, covid tests, and vital organ functionality tests will be performed. Your surgeon will draw the markings in your room. These drawings will target the makeover surgery areas mainly the breasts and the tummy. Hospital nurses will be placing an IV catheter for the surgery. After everything is cleared for your mummy makeover procedure which is approx. in 1 hour, we will put you on IV sedation for your surgery. Sedation will relax you before the surgery and gets you chilled if you are anxious and makes it easier for you to go down to the operating theatre. Your mummy makeover surgery approximately takes around 4- 4,5 hours to complete. Your Klinik Europe nurse will be with you the whole night after your surgery.

How it all begins?

When you go down to the theatre, your surgery team (head of anesthesia, your surgeon, the surgeon’s private nurse, and the surgical assistances assigned by the hospital) will be there waiting for you. Then, after the final checks, you will be put to sleep by IV anesthesia medications and your surgery will begin.

Next, our surgery team will secure the sterilization seal by cleaning your body. They will begin with an incision placed on your tummy depending on the amount of excess skin and skin and fat tissue is rolled up to reach the abdominal muscles. So this is how your surgery starts.

Muscle repair with a MUMMY MAKEOVER, C-Section vs Tummy Tuck

Next, if you have a separation of the abdominal muscles, due to excessive weight gain or multiple pregnancies, this may mean that you require muscle repair to fully benefit from the tummy tuck.  In this case, this is where we start first.
A little note here, as mentioned previously, there are two layers of tissues (skin tissue and fat tissue)to be rolled up to reach the muscle tissue. This is why a tummy tuck is painless and quicker in recovery compared to a C-section. (7 layers of tissues on the abdomen are opened to reach the womb and of course, there is the cut and healing process of these 7 different tissues). Most patients describe the pain like they did 100 sit-ups without a warm-up.

Fat and excess skin removal with a mummy makeover

So, after the abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired, our surgeons roll the skin and the fat tissue down. Here is where we start with liposuction. A small tube (cannula)is inserted through the incisions in the abdominal area, and fat cells are removed with an aspirator. This enables the surgeon to assess the actual extra skin on your abdomens. Also, this will help them to contour the waist, abdomens, and flank. After a healthy amount of fat is removed, we are left behind with the excess skin to be repaired. The skin is pulled closer to your incisions and an additional incision is placed to remove the skin

Wait a minute! Is this why a belly button needs to be recreated WITH MUMMY MAKEOVER? 

Exactly! Your belly button is attached to the connective tissue which also moves it down we pull the skin down. You will be given a natural new belly button meanwhile. Here the tummy tuck part of the mommy makeover ends and the skin is sutured together with surgical stitches. Stitches are usually placed under the panty line. You may feel like they are placed higher but as the skin and other tissues heal, this line sits exactly where it needs to be. Stitches allow the wounds to close naturally over time. We insert usually 2-3 surgical drains below the skin at the site of incisions to collect excess fluid and minimize the risk of infection.

Mummy makeover with Klinik Europe can give you your dream body.

Mummy makeover Klinik Europe

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